My rigs are built with "ease of use" and "consistency" in mind.  Most of the rigging concepts I use are based on the "animator friendly" rigging series from Jason Schleifer as well as Jason Osipas' "Stop staring" facial rigging concepts.  Although my rigs follow this methodology, I am in no way limited to this.  I am always up for a good challenge, and love experimenting to come up with new and creative ways to set things up for whatever rig I am creating.

Durham College:  Character Animation Rig

This character has all the goodies.  Bendable limbs, IK/FK switching on the  limbs and spine, elbow locking, IK/FK fingers, stretchy everything, space switching, customizable, and more. The rigging tasks for this character were split in half.  Joshua Gaines did all the rigging for the body, while I did all the modeling, facial rigging, as well as the visibility controls for customizing the character.  I will have a rigging video demonstrating the rig and animation controls very soon.

***If you are looking for my Rigging Demo Movies, please email me for the link.