CG Modeling



I have done quite a bit of modeling for numbers of productions and projects. Most of my models are organic, however I also do hard surface modeling as well. With all my models, my goal is to capture the essence of the 2D character design drawings and references in 3D form. As well, I strive to maintain good solid edgeflow throughout my models to get the most out of them when it comes time for rigging and animation.

Independent Study:  Giraffe
This is an anatomy study of a Giraffe I recently did. I modeled a lower resolution base mesh in Maya, focusing on good edge flow, then imported into Mudbox and continued to sculpt and refine anatomical details, as well as skin wrinkles, bumps, textures, etc... This is my first model sculpted using Mudbox, so this was a great learning experience for me. There is still some refining I need to address, but am looking forward to doing another study like this in the very near future.